Automated thumbnails generation

A new thumbnails generation function made the planner even more customizable. From now on every company has the opportunity to configure personal thumbnails in the catalogue, so that they better represent the product range.

Cabinet thumbnails are small previews located in the Catalog section in the left-hand vertical menu. Earlier they were created in third party software products. It was quite a tedious process. After the implementation of previews generator inside our system, this process became more sophisticated and automated. As a result, furniture companies can create thumbnails for their product catalogues on their own.

In order to generate thumbnails for a furniture catalogue, first, it is necessary to drag all the units onto the scene. Te next step is to click on the button Generate previews in the right-hand vertical menu and reset the cache. After that, new thumbnails are created in the catalogue for all the cabinets, which are on the scene. These previews look exactly as the cabinets on the scene at the time of generation.

Thumbnails can be of two types: colored and linear (in Wireframe mode). Colored previews appear in those fronts and carcases, which we have chosen for the cabinets from the Materials section at the moment of generation.
To switch to the Wireframe mode for linear previews creation, just click on the button Display mode in the right-hand vertical menu. This operation switches from a standard Solid view to a Wireframe mode, where cabinets appear with their outlines. Then it is also necessary to click on the button Generate previews and reset the cache. After that the thumbnails appear in the catalogue. There they look the way they did during the generation. And, moreover, they have the same dimensions they had on the scene at the moment of generation.

If required to have a thumbnail with a different default size in the catalogue, then this particular size must be chosen for a cabinet on the scene before the beginning of generation.

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