Customizable wireframe mode. New opportunities for thumbnails generation.

Earlier Wireframe view mode was standard for all companies. From now on every company can customize it. To do so, different system colors are applied for main types of work with projects: viewing, editing, printing, thumbnails generation.

New Wireframe mode

Wireframe mode is used quite often in the planner. For example, in cases, when a cabinet has to be visible through, as well as its component parts. Nevertheless, main cabinet elements, such as fronts and carcasses were alike in color. This fact didn’t contribute to a better planning process.
After the upgrade, it’s become possible to set individual colors for fronts and worktops in Wireframe mode. It helps to visually define the border between a cabinet body and its front. From a technical point of view it is highly important.

What are system materials for Wireframe mode?

To customize colors for planning in the Wireframe mode, first, it’s necessary to select a Gearwheel sign. It is the last entry of the left-hand vertical menu in the administration area of the company. Then, it’s necessary to select System materials tab. In the appeared tab there is a list of working modes on the left: default, design, icons, print. For each of them a separate color can be assigned.To the right of them there is a chart, where we select the color and its transparency level for a cabinet. 

For a default mode, which is project viewing, grey color is set as standard for fronts and white – for worktops. Red color is set for an editing, or design mode. Also, red is applied to a whole cabinet, when there is an error in it in the process of planning. In the System materials tab this instance goes by the name of Invalid.
Focus option, which is yellow, applies to a cabinet or a cabinet group, when it is selected in the project.
Shades of grey are set by default for a print mode with a view to economy when printing out reports.
In order to select other colors for working modes above, it’s just necessary to click on a default color. As a result, a new window with color spectrum appears, where you can select a new one.

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What improvements have been made in a thumbnails generation process?

Earlier it was possible to select any available material for generation of thumbnails only in the Solid display mode. At the same time thumbnails generated in the Wireframe mode looked the same. From now on you can select any color to create thumbnails for the Wireframe mode. For furniture companies it means that the planner has become even more customizable than before.
Another important point, if required to delete all color settings for Wireframe mode for some reason, all it takes is to click on the Reset button at the very top of the page. After this action, default settings are applied.

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