Irina Chalaya

Door pull animation

From now on animation of any complexity is available in PRODBOARD planner. That is animation of opening/closing doors, pulling out drawers, beds and other furniture, which can be customized. Simple and difficult mechanisms, doors opening up or to the side, full extension drawers. Hardware visualisation Animation correctly represents the mechanism

Evaluation of ergonomics and other project data

Due to a specific feature sets and attributes, such as observability and accessibility, the system determines if the project space is ergonomic. In the left-hand vertical menu it’s possible to check what is the arrangement value of a selected drawer on a project: low or high. It helps a user

Demo 3: Setting types of facades

It is possible to configure different types of facades in the planner: with handles, handless and with U&J profile handles. Handle types affect the construction peculiarities of facades. To select a facade type it’s necessary to go to the tab Project structure. For a standard facade (with handles) it’s possible

Modifications in the planner menu: relocation of buttons, showing cost details.

Planner UI has become even more user-friendly. All the information about a particular project is collected in one place now. Moreover, companies can customize in what way to show cost details in their planner. Relocation of buttons In the previous version of the planner such project data, as cost details,

Grouping the units on the layout

Due to a new function of cabinet grouping, we can quickly move several objects at once on the scene, increase or decrease their number, duplicate or edit them. To create a group, it’s just necessary to selct all cabinets of interest, simultaneously with pressing the Ctrl key. It is easy

Customizable wireframe mode. New opportunities for thumbnails generation.

Earlier Wireframe view mode was standard for all companies. From now on every company can customize it. To do so, different system colors are applied for main types of work with projects: viewing, editing, printing, thumbnails generation. New Wireframe mode Wireframe mode is used quite often in the planner. For

Automated thumbnails generation

A new thumbnails generation function made the planner even more customizable. From now on every company has the opportunity to configure personal thumbnails in the catalogue, so that they better represent the product range. Cabinet thumbnails are small previews located in the Catalog section in the left-hand vertical menu. Earlier they were created