New opportunities for selling: Tags generation for showrooms

Together with reports generation, there is one more function that appeared in the planner – it’s tags generation for furniture products and cabinetry.

When prices for kitchens and other furniture change, or the discount period starts, managers in the showrooms have a lot of work to do changing tags to support current prices.

In order to optimize and facilitate this process, we’ve developed a new function in the planner. This function allows to recalculate a kitchen set according to the current price list and generate new tags for printing. In such tags it’s possible to show various information, for example:

• discount percentage
• QR code to open the project
• project image or drawing

Besides this data, which is taken from the planner, we can also generate additional data from external sources if necessary:

• collection name
• materials used
• special offer period and many other things.


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