Interface Upgrade: New Features and Design

From now on, icons in the home menu can be customized for every single planner. We have implemented quick links to pass to a needed menu part faster.

The planner has become even more customer-focused. From now on, it’s possible to add individual icons to the main menu not only for different companies but also for different planners inside a single company.
This update allows customizing the planner for a company and its catalog in a more flexible way. This makes the planner even more user-friendly. As a result, it’s got easier for end-users to navigate the planner menu and your company catalog.

Besides this, we’ve added active hyperlinks to the menu. It allows users to pass to the necessary menu part immediately, and select elements or plan the room quicker. If required, we can also add quick links to the most popular collections of products.
Both links and icons can be customized for your particular planner and tailored to your company’s needs.