New features of rendering

We keep working on the rendering function for projects. At this point it is available to our customers in a testing mode. We’ve made it possible to manage the lighting in the room to achieve the most accurate image.  


In the lighting mode it’s now possible to select not only the lamp or chandelier décor, but also its power. Thereby, if there’s one light bulb in a project, we just indicate its power in the settings. In case there are two or more light bulbs, then their total power is automatically summed up by the system according to the power indicated for each separate light bulb and their quantity in a project.

Besides this, we can indicate the necessary luminance temperature. It may correspond to the natural light’s hues or tend to warm or cold light colors.


Various elements of décor are also available to use, such as vases, dishes, indoor plants. They visually help to make a room cozier, as well as add realistic features to the final picture.


It’s important to note that since the last update the materials and their visualization has become of better quality and look really natural. After visualization each object in the scene looks real due to the proper rendering of textures, light and shadow.


Moreover, a background of the scene has been also fixed. Now it is set at a correct angle and at a proper distance towards a project. As a result, we can see a realistic environment from the window.


Before and after

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Also, below you can find a selection of project examples after rendering:

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