Multilanguage in the Catalog

Multilanguage service is now available not only for users of the Ultimate version, but also for Business version users of the Planner.

Until recently, the planner was available in several languages at once only in the Ultimate version of the Planner. For companies, which selected the Business tariff package, this service was unavailable. From now on, all our customers can connect Multilanguage service by sending a corresponding request to us, regardless of the tariff package they have.
If you have connected the Multilanguage service, there is no limit in the number of languages you can add to your Planner. Moreover, formerly we had to support several catalogs in different languages at once for a single company. However, now it’s necessary to configure and support only 1 catalog, where you can just switch back and forth the languages.

User Interface VS Catalog content

Before now, you could select or change a language to work in the Planner UI. However, the database itself and its content remained in the source language. At present, by connecting the Multilanguage service you get the whole content of your catalog in another language. Additionally, all names in the invoice are translated too, which makes your work in the planner more efficient and convenient.

Who will benefit from the Multilanguage service?

If you have an international company with representatives around the world, or if you are located in one country and your dealers sell your products abroad, the Multilanguage function will be definitely a useful tool for you.