Door pull animation

From now on animation of any complexity is available in PRODBOARD planner. That is animation of opening/closing doors, pulling out drawers, beds and other furniture, which can be customized. Simple and difficult mechanisms, doors opening up or to the side, full extension drawers.

Hardware visualisation

Animation correctly represents the mechanism of work of the hardware. Users can see the moving parts of the hardware, and the way, they take part in animation mechanism. All visible hardware mechanisms can be visualized: drawer slides, hinges, pull-out, raise-and-lower mechanisms, their componemt parts, bolt screws, etc.

For visualisation purposes it's possible to add the name of a hardware manufactuter. Therefore, companies engaged with hardware, can customize and visualize any required hardware.

Additional settings of animation

It's possible to adjust the degree of opening doors and pulling-out drawers in the system. As a result, drawers can be open to the full or partially. Pull-out drawers can be also hidden behind the cabinet door. When opening the doors and drawers behind them, you can see what is inside them.

Shelves and drawers can be automatically filled in by necessary objects: saucepans, jars, trays etc. It allows users to understand what is the functional use of a particulr drawer or shelf and in what way objects will be arranged inside. In summary, it helps to evaluate the storage space.