Evaluation of ergonomics and other project data

Due to a specific feature sets and attributes, such as observability and accessibility, the system determines if the project space is ergonomic.

In the left-hand vertical menu it's possible to check what is the arrangement value of a selected drawer on a project: low or high. It helps a user to undersatnd if it's going to be convenient to use particular furniture in the room.

In the Information tab there is data about various furniture or hardware elements in the project. For instance, for a particular drawer or shelf a volume is shown. It allows to evaluate the the storage capacity or space available to use. This criteria is available not only for a separate unit, but also for a whole project. This statistics helps to define the amount of usable space in a project in general by m2 or m3.

Also, in this tab there is information about the ultimate load allowed for a specific drawer, its manufacturer name and other features. For facades type of material is indicated, its thickness, decor type, surface and price group.

The above-mentioned information about products and their characteristics makes it easier to use the planner.