Demo 3: Setting types of facades

It is possible to configure different types of facades in the planner: with handles, handless and with U&J profile handles. Handle types affect the construction peculiarities of facades.

To select a facade type it's necessary to go to the tab Project structure.

For a standard facade (with handles) it's possible to select a handle type from an available models range. Moreover, there is also information about distance between the axes, color and brand. For a convenience, it's also possible to sort handles according to the axle spacing. In this case, only handles with a specified value will be displayed.

Configuration of handles position is also available. It can be horizontal, vertical or horizontal center. These settings apply to the whole project. If required you can also configure handles for each separate cabinet on a project. To do this it's necessary to tick the box called customize handle in the settings tab of the menu.

When selecting the Handless facade type for wall cabinets, you can see the front overlapping the carcase in length a little and the profile becomes visible. By switching to the option With handles, the standard length of front applies.

If U&J profile is selected for base units, the front automatically shortens to relieve the space for U-shape profile. You can see it in detail when switching to Wireframe display mode.