Rendering images

Highly anticipated feature is coming soon. In a 3-monts time it will be possible to render images in the planner after a design is done. Pictures are expected to be highly-realistic. For now this feature is available in testing-mode for all interested furniture companies.


How to do the rendering?

When a project is ready, first of all, it’s necessary to select a proper camera positionfor the picture. In a new tab for rendering there are some settings available to refine the final picture. To begin with, we configure the quality of a picture, where 4 options are available. They are draft, low, average and high.

Also, we can set the size of the picture. The speed of the rendering process depends on the selected quality. It takes from 1 to 10 minutes correspondingly.

When the render launches, in the menu it’s possible to monitor on what stage the process is: pending, started or complete.

Ray-tracing technology is used to make the lighting look natural in the picture. This technology, basically, imitates the natural light and helps to create an image, as if it is a photo.


Where to see the picture?

A project is sent to the video server for rendering. There are very expensive modern videocards. They allow to get a highly-realistic image more quickly.

After the rendering process is complete, in the menu of the planner you can see final pictures. Also, a user receives an e-mail with the link to the picture.

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Testing mode

Currently, the rendering function is available within test environment. During the next 3 months we will be working on the improvement of rendering speed and quality of final images.

To take part in testing, it’s necessary to place a request, and the function will be enabled. In the process of testing, you can send us your comments and suggestions regarding this feature. By joint efforts, we will achieve the result we want.